What We Do

Researching Wood Preserving Technology

Commissioned by government agencies and private foundations, JWPA evaluates performance of wood preservatives and treated wood, develops treating technologies and applications, and strives to ensure the safety of wood preservation operators and users as well as natural environment. In addition, JWPA aims to introduce new wood preservatives and develop wood-based materials with high durability.

<Recent Research Publications>

Published the project report on the evaluation of the weather-proof performance of wood-based materials for exterior use.
Published the project report on the improvement of the safety for house building materials.
Published the project report on the evaluation of the durability of painted wood-based materials for exterior use.
Published the project report on the manufacturing process for the environmentally friendly wood-based materials.
Published the project report on the development of environmentally benign methods for wood preservation.

Setting Industrial Standard

JWPA claims its own standards for wood preservation. They define testing methods and performance specifications for wood preservatives and treated wood. Also, JWPA is given an assignment to draft guidelines for "Wood Preservatives" and "Test Methods for Determining the Effectiveness of Wood Preservatives and their Performance Requirements" for Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).

Approving Wood Preservatives

JWPA is responsible for approving wood preservatives and treated wood. Nearly 250 wood preservatives and 10 different types of treated wood are currently registered as JWPA approved products. The Japanese Housing Loan Corporation endorses the use of the products for general constructions.


JWPA issues professional license under the title: "JWPA Authorized Specialist in Wood Preservation." The purpose of the licensing is to maximize the quality of wood preserving operators and technicians. More than 2,000 people have been licensed by JWPA, and they are working in related fields.


JWPA publishes the bi-monthly journal, Mokuzai Hozon (Wood Preservation). Articles include reviews, commentaries, research papers, introduction of new preservatives and treating technologies, international affairs, and literary abstracts that are both current and useful for wood preservation. To promote JWPA's efforts on wood preservation, we also publish books, and hold conferences and lectures.

Promoting Researches

As an academic research society, JWPA holds annual meetings where JWPA members can present their discoveries and new technologies for wood preservation. JWPA Awards for Research and Development are awarded for excellent industrial and academic achievements. The goal of the awards are to encourage young engineers and scientists who work in industries and academic institutions related to wood preservation.

Exchanging with Foreign Societies

JWPA has global partnership with IRG and other foreign organizations for exchanging technical information on wood preservation.

Benefits for Membership

Members of JWPA are entitled for the following benefits:

  1. You can receive six (6) issues of our journal Mokuzai Hozon (Wood Preservation).
  2. You can submit your research papers to Mokuzai Hozon and present your research paper at annual meetings.
  3. You can attend conferences and lectures organized by JWPA with a substantial discount.
  4. You can have a free access to the information pertaining to wood preservation.
  5. You can receive a special membership discount on the approval of wood preservatives and its testing process.